studies of technologic modernization & Marketing plans

Engineering and re-engineering processes of production and /or provision of services, studies of technologic modernization & Marketing plans that enhance the extroversion of the Greek companies.


The adaptation to new technologic requirements and the organizational planning that based on international new management models, is the only choice for companies that aim to develop and enhance their extroversion.


Developing an appropriate organizational structure and establishing effective procedures to ensure the efficient operation of each business, improving the quality of products and / or services and enhancing their extroversion, requires reorganization and marketing plans that are based on real business data and the latest sector results.

Our services

In order to fully satisfy the customer and achieve its goals, we prepare studies and monitor their implementation, aiming at organizational planning and reengineering of business including production characteristics, technologic modernization and the promotion of products and services through Marketing plans that will help enhance the extroversion of the business.

The study

The environment in which businesses operate today imposes a need of continuous effort to achieve substantial improvements in all crucial processes that aim at providing fast customer service with the appropriate quality.
Substantial improvements can be achieved through functional and organizational reengineering. In this regard, the services provided involve:
The detailed recording and mapping of existing procedures
Identification of critical processes
Business Process Reengineering
The identification of the quality and quantity objectives and their Key Performance Indicators
Establishing new processes and integrating them into the business operation
Participation in Change Management
The above actions include the reengineering of business network, productivity improvement, implementation of new technologies, and reorganization of the supply chain where and when required.
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The Marketing Plans

An appropriate “marketing plan” is needed so that a business can grow. An appropriate “marketing plan” should at least identify a) the customer objectives b) the way we achieve them and c) the way we convince them to buy our product and repurchase.
A “marketing plan” is part of a “business plan” and helps coordinate all our efforts and ideas effectively. It also helps have a structured approach to the products or services we will develop in order to meet the customer’s needs.

We can help you develop an appropriate marketing plan that will offer added value to your business.
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