ISO 22716

Design and development of management systems for Cosmetic Products - Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) according to ISO 22716


Monitoring and minimizing the risk of error or failure that can lead to the contamination of the product and affect its safety and performance, requires systematic monitoring and process management, according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).


ISO 22716 provides a framework of rules for those involved in the manufacturing, packaging, testing, storage and transportation of cosmetic products. This standard is based on the quality management systems standards and incorporates GMPs that aim to ensure product safety throughout its lifecycle.

Our services

Having as a main objective the total customer satisfaction, we develop, maintain, improve and upgrade reliable systems and structures in companies that already have or do not have organized departments and management systems for the safety of cosmetic products.

The system

Within the project, the following are evaluated:
The risks associated with raw materials, the product itself, production, storage and delivery phases (hazard analysis).
Existing control measures to reduce the risks (control measures)
Prerequisites related to facilities, equipment, staff hygiene practices, cleaning and disinfection
Regarding the already established quality management system (if there is one in place), procedures, instructions and documents are developed. These relate to Good Manufacturing Practices international standard, for the safety of cosmetics and shall include:
Purchasing Data, incoming controls and suppliers’ evaluation
Staff training
Product identification and monitoring traceability
Quality Control
Evaluation and monitoring of subcontractors (if any)
Managing of complaints
Product Recall for products out of specifications
Change control and Internal Audits
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