ISO 22000

Design and development of systems based on the international standard ISO 22000 for Food Safety.


The control and mitigation of errors and failures encountered daily by food chain companies requires the acceptance and harmonization of the implementation of the internationally accepted HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) principles so that only safe food to be available to the consumer.


Food chain companies producing or distributing animal feed, human food or food raw materials must ensure an appropriate level of control of food safety and provide products with an acceptable level of risk.

Our services

Having as a main objective the total customer satisfaction, we develop, maintain, improve and upgrade reliable systems and structures in companies that already have or do not have organized departments and management systems for Food Safety (ISO 22000).

The system (ISO 22000)

The standard ISO 22000 “Food Safety Management Systems – Requirements for the organizations of the food chain” aims at balancing the way of implementation of the internationally accepted principles HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) by the
food chain enterprises so that the consumer is provided with safe food products. The management system includes also the following key processes:
Understanding of the organization and its context (chapter 4)
System planning (chapter 6)
Operational planning and control (chapter 8)
Management commitment and resource management (chapters 5 and 7)
Performance evaluation and improvement (chapters 9 and 10)
The system includes the hazard analysis for the identification of the necessary control preventive measures and the engineering of the monitoring system to ensure the proper handling and the timely response for the non-conformities.
You can develop your own system with the cooperation of “D-Consulting Management Systems” and ask for certification by an independent accredited certification body, proving so its reliability and completeness, to your customers.
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