TAPA Freight Security Requirements ISO 28001

Consulting for the development of (TAPA Freight Security Requirements / ISO 28001) in relation to the logistic services


The Freight Security Requirements (FSR) the official TAPA standard document is a set of organizational and technical requirements for secure warehousing, storage and distribution. It is a common global standard that can be used in business / security agreements between Buyers and Logistics Service Providers.
The control, the preservation and the security of goods, requires systematic process management and this is the objective of the standard.


The analysis of the activities in processes or sub-processes is necessary for the implementation of these standard requirements. This analysis is carried out so that the “resources”, the “controls” and the “security measures” that are required for the monitoring of these activities can be identified more precisely and so that the way in which every process will be measured adequately and effectively is eventually identified.

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Having as a main objective the total customer satisfaction, we develop, maintain, improve and upgrade reliable systems and structures in companies that already have or do not have organized departments and management systems for the implementation or the provision of services to the supply chain.

The system (TAPA Freight Security Requirements ή ISO 28000)

TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association) FSR (Freight Security Requirements) is a group of technical requirements in the form of a questionnaire in relation to the security during the storing and the transporting of goods. It is a specification in relation to the security during the storing and the transporting of goods, setting explicitly the requirements.
In order to immunize the logistics, the client can request the certification of a transporting and storing management enterprise according to the standard TAPA FSR or the standard ISO 28000.
The evaluation and the certification offer, among others, an opportunity for better risk control in all the stages of a storing or transporting activity and contribute to the elimination of destructions or losses that have to do with the goods that the company handles.
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